About College

Established in 2016, Adv. Shardul Sudhakarrao Jadhavar College has come a long way in the field of higher education. Led by the illustrious tradition of LUTJF's, it has become a preferred destination for students with diverse needs. Apenchant for self discipline has made Adv. Shardul Sudhakarrao Jadhavar College synonymous with academic excellence and all round development.

In the second decade of the third millennium, one realizes the importance of scholastic research. With this in mind Adv. Shardul Sudhakarrao Jadhavar College urges its staff and students to broaden their horizons. At the same time, it lays emphasis on all the ennobling qualities and fosters myriad aesthetic pursuits. Last but not the least, we believe that we create tomorrow's leaders. Today's Adv. Shardul Sudhakarrao Jadhavar is tomorrow's Globetrotter - decisive, assertive and ready to take on challenges.